The World´s First NFT Academy For

The World´s First NFT Academy For Honestpreneurship

Converting education into an asset


Welcome to the world´s first online academy for Honestpreneurship where access is purchased through a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) and owned by the token holder. In this way ...

we convert education into
an asset !

This means for you

Similar to a house you can live in, rent out or sell, the Honestpreneurship NFT offers you the following benefits:

Stake your NFT

You can stake your NFT to get access to our education flat rate on Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)

This means you have a lifetime education with no reoccurring fees as long as you hold your NFT

Lease your NFT

You can lease your NFT to generate passive income by giving others access to our education flat rate on Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)

Sell your NFT

You can sell your NFT at any time on the secondary market (i.e. to generate income

About Honestpreneurship

Focusing on customer value pays off 3 times - for the customer, the business and the good karma

The purpose of our academy is to promote this rare attitude what we call HONESTPRENEURSHIP and to help its supporters to apply it in a way that it makes their product, service, personal brand, NFT project

stand out as a MUST-HAVE
in the marketplace

Thus growing business, time AND good karma !

The Honestpreneurship academy


Daniel G. Bieber
Founder of the Honestpreneurship Academy, Buddhist

To apply Honestpreneurship in such a way that it makes your business stand out as a MUST-HAVE in the marketplace, a new, sustainable approach to sales and marketing is required.

That' why we have founded the Honestpreneurship Academy, which will take you

from traditional Marketing thinking to Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)

Benefits - What you get when you Join the honestpreneurship Academy

Sounds great ?

Why Joining the Honestpreneurship Academy is one of the best investments you can do as an


Your investment in an advanced education program returned to your business through the newly gained knowledge and skills as you only became a client of the vendor

Today - NFT Academy

Your investment in the Honestpreneurship Academy returns to your business through

as you will become a participant of our academy

This way, a return on investment (ROI) of > 25 becomes possible. Learn why

Sounds great ?

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