Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)

A new standard in competitive strategies that will make your business, brand, NFT project stand out as a MUST-HAVE in your industry.
Not just better differentiated or unique and still be seen as a "Me Too" or "Nice To Have" !

Sounds interesting?

Why should someone buy your product and not the one from the competition?

In markets with an oversupply it needs more than "differentiation" - especially if you want to stand out as a MUST-HAVE in your industry

Learn, why Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) is the new standard to get there

traditional competitive strategy 1



= differentiate, find a niche, be better, cheaper ... than the competition

traditional competitive strategy 2



= create a new market by inventing something that has not existed before

Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)



(through reframing)

= Give things that people know and need (e.g.: what you offer), a new, groundbreaking value and packaging

Your output of Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)

You will hold a new "customer value standard (benchmark)" in your industry, combining all your strengths and services
under one single roof.

Your results:

Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) - Case Studies





Some more inspiration ?

How Blackberry could have competed with Apple by using Market Leadership Hacking (MLH)

Sounds inspiring ?

How Market Leadership HAcking (MLH) works
- Reframing process


Identify hidden potentials in your business / market that can be used to set a new customer value standard in your industry


Find a new category term for your new customer value standard to set your business apart from all other market players - the status quo


Communicate your category term as a new customer value standard by devaluing the status quo


Convert your offer into an asset by leveraging the potential of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) - this will turn your target audience into participants, not just clients


Build strategic collaborations that help you to whitelist up to 5,000 interested NFT investors (=hot leads in the NFT space) in just 8 weeks

About market leadership Hacking (MLH)

Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) is an invention of Daniel G. Bieber, founder of Honestpreneurs Academy, who has more than 12 years of experience as an outstanding idea creator and consultant in strategic positioning.

Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) combines the world's most advanced positioning strategies with modern neuropsychology and cutting-edge Web3 solutions (e.g.:Non Fungible Token (NFTs) and strategic collaboration marketing)

very fast results possible

Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) is based on the 80/20 rule (= focus on what gives the highest output). To achieve effective results in the fastest way possible, Market Leadership Hacking (MLH) is a 3 in 1 solution, namely ...

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